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Hardwood Floors 101

Posted on July 4, 2022 by Jim Neely
Nothing adds warmth and value to a house like wood flooring.Over 90 percent of property representatives at a national survey said that houses with wood floors sell more quickly and for higher prices than other houses without wood flooring.Some folks shy away from hardwood floors because they believe that they are high maintenance.Nothing could be farther from the truth.Today's specially formulated finishes are as hard as they are beautiful...

Closet Organizing Tips

Posted on June 15, 2022 by Jim Neely
Closet organizing suggests that you appreciate the easy home improvement of additional closet space.Below you will find easy ideas to get your closets arranged:A fantastic suggestion for starters is to organize your cupboard with hanging rods nearest the exterior walls.Typically, this will provide you the best access to shelves and drawer spaces.For reach-in cabinets with double-folding doors, it is often better to set the drawers in the center where they are more easily accessible...

Guide To Water Leak Detection In Our Homes

Posted on May 21, 2022 by Jim Neely
Rapid world population growth and lifestyle change contribute to the increased demand for water from mankind.Additionally, very low level rainfall in some parts of the world, slowed the replenishment of water source.Therefore, each one of us must make our best efforts in the conservation of one the most precious commodity here on our planet, which is water.One such attempt is to watch out for water leaks in our homes, no matter how small those leaks may be...

Pools Can Add Value To Your Home

Posted on April 22, 2022 by Jim Neely
If you're trying to enhance the value of your house, either to resell or for your personal enjoyment, you could be searching for a pool to increase that value and pleasure.Here's a comparison of ideas that may help you make that choice a bit more easily.· An in-ground pool can run you several thousand dollars but because they include a variety of shapes and sizes that they give you the greatest amount of versatility...

Wood Panels and Humidity

Posted on March 13, 2022 by Jim Neely
All wood workers have to be aware of wood movement when building furniture projects.Failure to consider this important factor can cause wood panels to crack or split.My high school biology teacher compared the structure of a piece of wood with a bundle of straws.The straws represent the cells and capillaries of the wood.When a tree is growing water and food are transferred up through the cells and are carried throughout the tree...