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Is It Too Late For a Central Vacuum System?

Posted on April 16, 2023 by Jim Neely

The quick answer is not any, it isn't too late. Many installers of central vacuums have grown to be very creative on where they run the tubing. They work throughout the house through the attic, basement and garage, then drop the tubing down behind the inside walls from the attic or push it up from the basement. Occasionally they may work with a cold air go back to obtain the tubing to the correct location. Following the central vacuum system is installed you will end up amazed at where they are able to obtain the tubing without the visible signs of damage.

Tubing is run during your house with outlets spaced out approximately every 750sq.ft. of floor area. Some considerations when installing the outlet may be the location of furniture, appliances and general convenience. Typically it is advisable to start the outlet installation at the farthest location from the canister, and work back towards the canister.

In many cases the canister is situated in either the basement of the garage. Common sizes of canisters are 6 and 7 gallon. Most manufactures offer both bag and bag less canisters, both types work nicely. Under normal use you might only empty the canister or take the bag out every 3 or 4 months.

There is really a more expensive to installing central vacuums right into a home that's completed instead of installing the machine because the home has been built. Because the cost is substantially a lot more than your traditional upright or canister style vacuum, it will be wise to make sure that it has an excellent warranty service. I would suggest which you have a specialist install the central vacuum system, aswell reach least three quotes for the work.