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A Healthy Home

Posted on May 21, 2022 by Jim Neely

Outside our home we have limited opportunities to improve the environment, but in our home we can do a lot.

At home we would like to feel liberated, relax and do things that we enjoy. We wish to eat, sleep, sleep, possibly work, and interact with friends and loved ones. We spend many hours at home. Obviously, we want our house to be comfortable and healthy as you can.

What environment make you happy? What exactly do you like to have around you? Feeling great in the home is a matter of bodily in addition to psychological and social well-being. Look around you and consider what changes can be made in your house environment. Begin with something small, 1 step at a time. Make a small change daily, and after a week the gap will be considerable.

Your home - a place for personal growth and well-being

Your home should be a refuge where you are able to hide from the rest of the world and find strength to go on with life. Why not follow these ten steps:

1. Put away things you don't need. Too many things disturb the eye and make it tough to relax. Simply surround yourself with things that you want or things that will enrich your life.

2. Stick to a few colors - two or three - to each room,rather than mixing many distinct colours. This can allow you to produce a serene and balanced atmosphere.

3. Be sure to have good ventilation. Leave doors between rooms available for better air flow, and open windows when possible.

4. Do not smoke in your dwelling. Ask your customers to smoke outside.

5. Pick area rugs instead of carpets as soon as possible.

6. Use cleaning products with low-toxic content.

7. Choose furniture and fittings made from non-toxic materials.

8. Ensure that your sleeping place is comfy and healthy.The pillow is essential. Do you often wake up with a headache? You might require a new pillow.

9. Make your kitchen table as pleasant and welcoming as possible. When you sit down to eat you need to have the ability to relax and enjoy your meal. Are there newspapers or magazines on the table? Too many unique colours? Keep it simple and clean.

10. Purchase some new flowers for your dwelling. Decorate your house with candle lights. Small straightforward things such as these will affect your well-being.